Add color to drab cold-season landscapes!

ntroducing one of our favorite blooming annuals: the ever-popular Pansy! These dazzling plants surely take center stage in Southern landscapes and gardens during fall, winter, and early spring. These cool season annuals tolerate frost and the chill of winter while providing bloom color to the landscape, which makes them great choices to add interest to gardens, bedding, mixed containers, window boxes, and more!

In botanical terms, Pansies actually originate from a closely related plant: the Viola! Did you know that all Pansies are Violas, but not all Violas are Pansies? While these two share common origin, Pansies are a result of breeding traditional and wild Viola varieties. Pansy blooms tend to be larger than Violas, but both provide gorgeous color to the landscape during those dreaded cooler months.

Pansies are the perfect garden pick-me-up for the cool weather season and will make your landscape standout with a variety of beautiful hues!

Plant them in moist, well-draining soil, as the ability for the soil to dry out helps Pansies nurture their ability to tolerate cold temperatures. They prefer partial to full sun, and need between 6-12" of space between each plant.

Pansies are also great to grow in containers! They can be placed in mixed containers with other plants, as they offer spreading interest that complements taller plants such as evergreens, grasses or perennials.  Be sure to place in a south-facing area during the early Spring for optimal growing conditions!

For the best care, be sure to water Pansies regularly, but allow them to experience dry soil in between watering. Adding a fertilizer can encourage growth, but opt for a general, all-purpose instead of a nitrogen-heavy option to be sure you'll see more flowers. Remove any dead or fading flowers to see the plant produce more blooms and prolong its bloom season!

Choose from a variety of colors!





Available in assorted bloom colors and sizes, ranging from solid to multiple color combinations in one frilly bloom! Pansies effortlessly liven up the landscape with welcoming hues of color. Plant the same variety to create mass color within the landscape, or plant various varieties to create an impactful array of colors. Be sure to plant Pansies after the heat of summer, but before the temperatures drop, allowing roots to become established before the winter chill.