Grow something good for you!

Make countless meal combinations with delicious vegetables and herbs without ever having to leave the kitchen!

There are countless choices for veggie and herb gardening that are suitable for any experience level! This rewarding hobby requires a sunny location, moist and well-draining soil, and a stable environment. Depending on the time of year will determine what is best for growing in the garden. For the cool season, opt for frost-tolerant plants such as lettuce, spinach, and other root vegetables. For warm and hot seasons, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and other delicate plants are optimal!


A Few Favorite Varieties


A popular herb, Mint should be staple in every garden! It's versatile and used in lots of applications, such as in drinks, salads, sauces, desserts, and topped as a garnish! Choose from various varieties.



Spinach is the perfect vegetable for anyone who loves to garden! It is both frost and heat tolerant, and tends to produce high yields of leaves. Eat it on its own fresh or sautéed, or add it to a salad!



Tomato plants are very productive and delicious right off the vine! They love sun and heat, so they'll grow strong in your garden all summer long. They're also versatile in the kitchen!



Basil i's known for its delicious flavor and wonderful aroma. It is the perfect herb to grow and have on hand for homemade pesto, or to top on pizza or blend into sauces or soups!