Inventory Stock Coordinator

The Inventory & Stock Coordinator is responsible for transporting all goods from shipping to departments and assist with stock coordination and distribution.
  • Reports directly to Operations Manager in coordination daily with Sales Manager for stockroom.
  • Responsible for timely movement and placement of stock between receiving department to destination department backstock areas; Work closely with buyers, team leads and managers to deliver, unpack and sort stock in backstock area
  • Responsible for assembly, delivery, and storage of all displays, costing & labeling as needed; Also, will ensure display storage areas @ warehouse are maintained, labeled, and kept clean; Assist marketing and customer service in storage of supplies for respective areas.
  • Ensure stock room is organized and labeled by vendor, assist with backstock areas as needed; must keep areas tidy, organized, labeled, and sorted, maintain backstock areas in warehouse.
  • Ensure all damaged items are taken to shrink clerks @ least twice a week, ensure all attic labeled items are moved to attic from warehouse or assist with write offs to attic as needed; coordinate all backstock of attic materials.
  • Assist with maintenance & storage of seasonal items as needed
  • Will be assigned an email & will be responsible for checking emails, teams & other correspondence throughout the day.
  • Will be trained to operate forklifts, cart, golf carts and other equipment as needed for transport of goods across campus.
  • Maintain stockroom checklist daily & coordinate small projects in stockroom assigned by Sales Manager & G/S Team lead.
  • Attend daily huddle meetings.
  • Assist with unpacking and stocking areas as needed.
  • Assist with any cycle count or seasonal inventory counts as needed
  • Will be responsible for closing property duties @ least once weekly, to be scheduled monthly
  • Primary hours will be 8-430 or 830-5 depending upon season.
  • Availability during 2nd & 4th quarters for weekend work
  • Performs all other reasonably related job duties as assigned by department manager or management.