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Assorted Drift Roses
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Drift roses are known for their low maintenance disposition. It prefers full sun, blooms from spring to frost, and it provides glossy foliage & perfectly adorable blooms!⁠ Enjoy this petite Rose variety in your landscape in a mixed container or tucked into your existing landscape to add interest among more vertical growing shrubs.


3gal Perennial Hibiscus now only $19.99

(reg. $24.99 ea)

This sure looks like paradise!

We love perennial hibiscus blooms because they make us daydream of tropical wonderlands. Warm weather lovers, this plant will not only survive, but thrive the hot days ahead!

Put them in a container on the porch or out in your garden to add a pop of color! ⁠And don't worry, they'll be back again next year!⁠


Assorted 1gal Pentas
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(reg. $9.99 ea)

Pentas produce vibrant blooms all summer long and work great in the ground or in mixed containers!

It prefers full sun, grows 18-36" tall, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. These profuse bloomers are heat tolerant, so even the hottest summer days won't keep them from dazzling!


Easy care houseplants!

6" Fiddle Leaf Bambino $11.99
10" Fiddle Leaf Fig $29.99

(6" reg. $16.99 ea)
(10" reg. $39.99 ea)

6" Dracaena
now only $9.99

(reg. $14.99 ea)

6" Snake Plant $14.99
10" Snake Plant $29.99

(6" reg. $19.99 ea)
(10" reg. $39.99 ea)


1gal Assorted Clematis
now only $19.99

(reg. $24.99 ea)

If you're looking for a showy vine, we've got it!

Clematis comes in all types of shapes and colors, and their blooms create a dramatic impact sure to take anyone's breath away!

This perennial vine is a climber, so add it to a tall structure such as a mailbox or trellis!


Assorted Fern
Hanging Baskets
now only $19.99

(reg. $24.99 ea)

Find the right fern for your landscape!

Choose from Asparagus Ferns, Macho Ferns, and Boston Ferns for a fantastic foliage explosion!

Boston Ferns do best in shade, Asparagus Ferns in partial to full sun, and Macho Ferns in partial to full shade.


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