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Boston Fern Hanging Baskets are HERE!

ONLY $9.99 (reg. $19.99)

Add texture to your home with Boston Ferns!

They are ideal for porches, patios, and other outdoor living spaces but can also thrive as an indoor plant! Best in shade.

Boston Fern's elegant, finely-toothed, sword-shaped fronds also make for spectacular groundcover for a woodland area or in the garden!


Amazing Azaleas!

Enhance your landscape & curb appeal with irresistible Azaleas. This southern favorite is available in several vibrant bloom colors that will add character to any landscape!

Azalea's showy blooms will create a spectacular display when grouped in masses and will eventually give way to deep green foliage in late spring. Intersperse it in your garden with other colorful blooming plants to create a variety of color!

Buy More & SAVE!

5 for $30

1gal (reg. $6.99 each)

*Going on this weekend

Explore Spring Arrivals! 

Add Spring color interest with houseplants and select varieties of outdoor plants that can be used as features indoors!

Florist Hydrangeas, Heuchera, Dianthus and more can be displayed as temporary houseplants until the weather warms and they can be added to the garden or landscape!

Explore Spring Plants


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