Secrets to Sucessful Ferns!

Asparagus Fern

1. Fun fact! Asparagus ferns thrive in both sun and shade and also do not shed as bad as other ferns do. 
2. Only fertilize your Asparagus Fern after you’ve saturated the soil with water; this avoids burning the roots and foliage. This not only applies to ferns but is a great tip for all plants
3. Grow your Asparagus fern in the plastic pots or ceramic pots as this helps keep their soil moist. Terra-cotta pots can dry out the soil too quickly!
4. Asparagus Ferns are notorious for becoming root-bound which leads to stunted growth. Re-pot the fern into a container that is 2" wider in diameter, using organic-rich soil when re-potting them!
5. A great time to divide the Asparagus Fern is when you are re-potting them; take a sharp sterilized knife and carefully slice the root ball in half and plant each division into its own new pot!

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Boston Fern

1. Boston Ferns are most popular for hanging around porches here in the South. Their "flowing" leaves soften space and add character wherever they are placed!   
2. Situate your Boston ferns in morning sun ONLY, as afternoon sun will burn leaves. 
3. Keep a close eye on watering. Boston Ferns are thirsty and often require watering once a day during the heat of the summer. 
4. With adequate sunlight that is bright but indirect, Boston Ferns can be grown indoors as well. 

Kimberly Queen Fern

1. Kimberly Queen Ferns are the "Queen" of our patios and entry ways due to their durality and full sun tolerance!
2. Allow the top few inches or 25% of your potting soil to dry out before watering again. The leaves may turn a pale green color when your plant is thirsty. When the fronds turn crispy or brown, that means you could be overwatering/underwatering. 
3. They can handle all day sun with minor burning during the first week or two but should recover! 
4. These fern plants do well and look beautiful as hanging plants. Added bonus, they do not shed profusely!

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Macho Fern

 1. Keep Macho and other ferns covered and inside until April 15th when the threat of frost is gone!
 2. If you are growing your macho fern in a pot or container, you should be prepared to repot this fern every one to two years depending on its growth rate.
 3. Macho Ferns prefer morning sun only if outdoors or bright, indirect sun if indoors! 
 4. You can prune it around the edges to give it a round shape, which will make some room for other plants and also give a neater look to your Macho. 

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