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Healthy-Home Houseplants

These powerhouse plants are known to remove airborne pollutants and cleanse the home environment for healthier living!

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Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are a long-time favorite because of their beauty and resilience.

These classic houseplants thrive in partial shade or bright, indirect sunlight. They also sag when thirsty, so water at first sign of wilting to keep blooms fresh.




Ivy's beautiful green foliage make it a classic houseplant! Display alone or add to a mixed container for extra dramatic greenery!

Make sure you allow it to dry out slightly between watering, and that you give it plenty of bright light.



Snake Plant

Snake Plants are stylish and functional houseplants that remove toxins.

They're great for adding dimension and color to any indoor space! Be sure to put them in indirect light and fertilize them during their growth season.

easy care


Succulents and cacti love hot, dry weather.

These beauties thrive in the summer and even thrive on a bit of neglect. Make sure to water about once a week during the spring and summer (growing season) and less often in the fall and winter (dormant season).

Succulents need more energy when growing, just like us!

They'll tolerate anything BUT wet soil, so make sure they have good drainage. Allow to dry out between waterings.

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