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Nationally recognized, award winning garden center at DeWayne's features the season's favorite colors and textures! The Atrium features houseplants, seasonal color, garden decor and accessories. The Gardens features seasonal color, fountains, statuary, and more!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in The Atrium!

Deck your home with living color this holiday season!


Derived from Mexico, the Poinsettia is a popular representation of Christmas around the world. It is most commonly known for its bold hues of red and green and tends to only be used in displays during the holiday season.  


This low maintenance flower adapts well to the changing seasons and keeps its beauty through it all. Their beautiful blooms will be sure to stand out against the rest of your landscape. 


Although this flower is on the smaller side, it's beauty is empowering. Most commonly known as a houseplant, the growth of this perennial slows down as summer approaches, but quickly sprouts back up when fall arrives. 

Christmas Cactus

The gift that keeps on giving! This low maintenance plant is perfect to gift someone with this holiday season, as it adapts to any indoor setting that it's in.


Late Summer Landscape Essentials!


Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses have a lot to offer- they're low maintenance, fast-growing, provide year-round interest, and are often drought-tolerant.

The best part is the soft, gentle movement brought on by even a slight wind that makes them a must-have!

*Available in a multitude of varieties like Dwarf Little Bunny, Fountain Cassian, Dwarf Fountain Hamlin, and more!



Feature both shade lovin' foliage perennials, and sun lovin' and drought tolerant annual bloomers for instant summer color!

Sun lovin' Marigolds offer textured foliage and brilliant blooms, Heuchera provides intricate and often colorful foliage that brightens any area of the landscape.

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtles are beginning to put on a show and we can't get enough of the color explosion! They are drought and heat resistance, and all varieties have long flowering seasons, from mid-summer into fall.

They also make for lovely winter interest with peeling bark! *Available in a multitude of varieties like Plum Magic, Dynamite, Natchez White, and many more! Sizes vary from 3gal up to 15gal.


Pansies are one of the most beautiful cool weather bloomers. Choose from several varieties of Pansies to add a pop of color to your containers. Great for mass planting, container planting, and border edging, these beautiful flowers will be sure to add interest to your landscape through the chill of winter! Pansies add color during cold months, texture with greenery, and an assorted bloom color. 


Pick 'em fresh from your garden!

Grow delicious cool weather veggies right in your backyard! It's easy to grow your own right from the comfort of home. Ensure success with planting veggies by picking a sunny location with moist, well-drained soil. Combine with fresh herbs to add flavor to home cooked meals and to create a healthy meal prep plan!


Create the perfect, stress-free mixed container with luxurious AquaPots by Michael Carr & Proven Winners!

Enjoy the convenience of a self-watering pot with the beauty of high-quality glazed ceramics that are durable and stylish!

AquaPots are the only premium quality glazed ceramic self-watering planters available.

They are more than just an insert, in fact, they're a complete system that has the luxury experience yet is practical.

Incorporate the unmatched designs, refined colors and unprecedented finishes of Michael Carr Designs Pottery into your landscape. 

Watering is simplified in these low-maintenance containers. Simply pour water into the spout on the side, weekly
and let the AquaPot do the rest for you.

Key Benefits include:
-Efficiently uses water and plant food
-Eliminates staining, patios stay clean
-Offers ease with once-a-week watering
-Easy to assemble, clean, and reuse 


Plant Finder

Plan your landscape by browsing plants in our library with our plant finder tool!

Explore our library!

Select from a wide range of houseplants that will add living color to the space and even naturally purify the air indoors! From fantastic foliage to beautiful blooms, we have it all, available in the Atrium!
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Outdoor Accents

Green Tea Leaves

Glazed Pottery

  Add a bit of flare to your outdoor plants with elegant glazed pots, available in a wide variety of colors and styles! 

Green Tea Leaves

Fountains & Statuary

Add the soothing sounds of a fountain, and accent existing landscape with unique statuary! 

Green Tea Leaves

Garden Decor

Decorate your outdoor spaces with various decorations such as gazing balls, wind chimes, birdhouses and more!

Types of plants available in the Garden Center

  • Annuals
  • Trees
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs
  • Mixed Containers
  • Houseplants
  • Cool Weather Crops
  • Seasonal Color

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