Seasonal Gift Wrap / Customer Service Assistant

This position will be mainly responsible for gift wrapping and supporting Customer Service with the following duties when not busy gift wrapping. 

  • Keep carts put away
  • Assist cashiers @ bagging, pull bags for cashiers as needed
  • Pull Green tickets, used gift cards, and Rewards sign ups from black boxes and put away
  • Sweep & clean @ registers as needed (includes outdoor checkout)
  • Retrieve supplies from warehouse as needed
  • Assist w/ spray & cleaning counters, assist & clean carts as needed (training required), clean all glass doors as needed
  • Check bags beeping @ exit, assist with security tags removal for cashiers (training required, etiquette & grace)
  • Refill bags, boxes, general drawer supplies as needed for cashier
  • Help with projects such as folding t-shirts and sensoring Yeti
  • Keep “go back” baskets cleared of items, take back as needed
  • Take trash & cardboard to keep area clean as needed, sweep & gather giftwrap trash as needed to keep area clean form obstructions
  • Assist with gift wrap as needed (must be approved), Refill wraphia & boxes as needed by gift wrappers
  • Refill drink machines(Coca-Cola, and Jones) as needed
  • Help keep ATTIC neat and tidy, sweep, reorganize as needed, assist customers, add merchandise